Saturday, 2 January 2016


Inspo from here

Grey & camel, warm sweaters and coats, simplicity, nude colours, cactuses, loose hairdos, levi's jeans, mountain views, skirts, little bags & mixed styles - New Year, new inspo!

I have this friend who has asked me my New Year Resolutions for a few years now. Before that I never really made them. Some people say that time doesn't exist and it's stupid to make New Year Resolutions because this moment of the year isn't really more of a change than any other. I still feel that why not make some goals to work for to make yourself a better person :). I thought I'd share some of my New Year Resolutions with you:

1. Dress more simply

2. Avoid using phone when with friends

3. Travel

4. Learn new languages

5. Get to know new people and stay in contact

6. Compliment others more

7. Learn to play a new instrument

8. Read more books

9. Dream big

10. Photograph others more

11. Live healthier

12. And always try & experience new things